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Acrodemics is an innovative movement-based practice that merges acrobatics (acroyoga) and academics to focus on whole-body education.

Our Mission

By utilizing kids' natural movement tendencies, we can get them curious about and engaged in their own learning process. Our mission is to get kids involved with how they learn by engaging movement-learning paradigms- to create happier, more successful students.

You only need to know one thing: that you can learn anything.
— Sal Khan, Khan Academy

awards and accomplishments

  • The Victor Alvarez Spark Innovation Award (2015)
  • The Changemaker Catalyst Award (2015)
  • A position in Tulane University's Changemaker Institute (2016)
  • Nearly 500 hours of in-school and in-studio instruction
  • Certified teacher under the Yoga Alliance, Next Generation Yoga, and AcroRevolution